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“Former trafficking victim helps other survivors”

CNN, December 2015

There’s a saving grace for victims of prostitution

NY Post, December 2015

GEMS: Leading the Cause against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Girls, March 2015


GEMS trabaja por las victimas de la explotacion y el trafico sexual

–El DiariaNY, January 2015

GEMS: las mujeres son valiosas

–El DiariaNY, January 2015



“Rachel Lloyd Helps Bring SexTrafficking Victims Justice”

–Marie Claire, September 2014

Diane von Furstenberg on Her Inspiration, How to Empower Women Everywhere

Good Morning America, March 2014

A (Safe) World for Girls: Rachel Lloyd’s work to End Commercial Sexual Exploitation

Illusion, February 2014

“The Super Bowl Is Not the Sex Trafficking Hotbed the Media Would Have You Believe”

–Policy Mic, February 2014

Click here to read Rachel Lloyd’s recent blog post, 365: How The Focus on the Super Bowl Hurts Trafficking Victims

“NFL Wives Host Fashion Show to Benefit GEMS”, Click title to watch the interview

Good Morning America, February 2014

“Rachel Lloyd – Yoga Freedom Project”

–January 2014

Google+ Hangout with Rachel Lloyd, Nicholas Kristof, and others: What does 2014 hold for the fight against modern-day slavery?

— January 2014


Counter Child Trafficking Conference

–October 2013

GEMS Training in San Jose

Santa Clara University, October 2013

Girls Like Us: Risk – Children and the Sex Industry

Fair Observer, September 2013

A World For Girls

Huffington Post, September 2013

Girls Like Us: Choice – Young Women in the Sex Industry

Fair Observer, September 2013

Girls Like Us: Johns – The Men Who Buy Sex

Fair Observer, September 2013

The Mumbai/New York Photo Project: Education Heroes

The New York Times/International Herald Tribune, April 2013

Teaching Rachel Lloyd’s Girls Like Us on the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

Feminist Teacher, March 2013

World Poetry Day: Survivors break the silence surrounding sexual exploitation and trafficking in the US through poetry

Women’s WorldWide Web, March 2013

Google+ Hangout with Nick Kristoff, Rachel Lloyd, and Somaly Mam

— January 2013


From victims to survivors to leaders: GEMS combats the commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking of girls and young women in the US

Women’s WorldWide Web, December 2012

Sex trafficking education from Rachel Lloyd, a girl like us

—, December 2012

“‘Prostitute’ label ignores victimhood

—, December 2012

American girls are sold for sex and made to believe they wanted it

WECT, November 2012

To Do Wednesday: Girls’ Night Out

New York Observer, October 2012

Demi Moore and Arden Wohl Host an Evening to Benefit GEMS

The Sacramento Bee, October 2012

Against Our Will: Poetry From Survivors of Human Trafficking

Huffington Post, October 2012

Empowering Women and Girls in the United States and Abroad

— The White House Blog, September 2012

GEMS: Fighting Domestic Trafficking One Girl at a Time

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    —, September 2012

“Jada’s Journey”

ESSENCE Magazine, September 2012

In America, Really? Human Trafficking in the United States

–ICOSA, June 2012

–Rachel Lloyd on TedxUChicago, May 2012

OVC Highlight on GEMS from GEMS GIRLS on Vimeo.

–OVC Highlight on GEMS, April 2012


“Exposing Sex Trafficking in America”

–Melissa Harris-Perry on MSNBC, April 2012

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“ Tests Ethics of Sex for Sale”

BBC, March 2012

“Social Media Week Keynote: Rachel Lloyd”

–Livestream, March 2012

 “Review: Girls Like Us by Rachel Lloyd”

–Jennylovestoread, March 2012

 “The Rumpus Interview with Rachel Lloyd”

The Rumpus, February 2012

 “America’s Most Wanted Sex Trafficking Resources”

–America’s Most Wanted, February 2012

 “Girls Like Us—Rachel Lloyd’s Memoir Illuminates the Sexual Exploitation of Children”

Huffington Post and Fem 2.0, February 2012

“Here’s the Thing: Rachel Lloyd”

–WNYC, February 2012

“Urban Legends and Hoaxes: How Hyperbole Hurts Trafficking Victims”

Huffington Post, February 2012

“ ‘Girls Like Us’—Rachel Lloyd’s Memoir Illuminates the Sexual Exploitation of Children”

–, February 2012

“mtvU Attempts to Combat Slavery”

–The Daily Reveille, February 2012

 “Can Digital Innovation Stop Modern Slavery? MTV Hopes So”

–Mashable US & World, January 2012

 “Minn. Foundation Becoming National Model Against Teen Sex Trafficking”

Nonprofit Quarterly, January 2012

 “Spotlight on GEMS: Girls Educational and Mentoring Services”

Queen in Heels,  January 2012

“Girls For Sale: Changing the Conversation on Exploited Kids in the US”

Forbes, January 2012

 “Haute Culture: New York’s Emmanuel Fremin Gallery Hosts Art of Beauty Experience”

–, January 2012


“Brigit’s Year End Giving Guide 2011”

–, December 2011

 “A Lesson in Philanthropy”

The Wall Street Journal, December 2011

  “Voices from the Field: Rachel Lloyd”

–National Clearinghouse on Families & Youth, December 2011

 “Interview with Rachel Lloyd”

–, November 2011

“Cops Say Missing Bronx Girls Often Lured Through Social Networking Sites”

NY Daily News, November 2011

“Teaching Feminism in High School: Moving from Theory to Action”

On The Issues magazine, Fall 2011

“One Child Is Too Many”

Huffington Post, October 2011

“MTV’s College Network Amplifies Student Efforts to End Modern-Day Slavery in the ‘mtvU Against Our Will Campaign'”

–, Sacramento BeeU.S. Politics Today, Virtual Press Office,
Sun Herald,, SYS-CON Media, PR Newswire,
and, September 2011

 “MTV Launches Multiplatform Campaign Against ‘Modern-Day Slavery'”

–, September 2011

 “‘Fashion’ Victims: E!’s ‘Streetwalker’ Goes Too Far”

NY Post, August 2011

“Should Fashion Police End Its ‘Starlet or Streetwalker’ Segment? One Social Action Group Thinks So”

Glamour, August 2011

“Joan Rivers’ Fashion Police Under Fire”

 –, August 2011

“The Power Behind Policing Fashion”

 —Huffington Post, August 2011


“New Law to Help Sex Trafficking Victims Rebuild Their Lives”

Sun Times, August 2011


“The Village Voice’s Numbers Game”

Ms Magazine, August 2011

“”Rachel Lloyd: Me and Amy”

 —Huffington Post, July 2011

” ‘Girls Like Us’ Author Rachel Lloyd Talks About Her Path Out of Exploitation”

–, July 2011

“Hope, Healing and Wellbeing–Healing from Commercial Sexual Exploitation with Rachel Lloyd”


“Sex Trafficking Trend Raises Concern”

–, July 2011

“Sex-Trafficking Feud”

 —The Daily Beast, July 2011

“New State Department Report Fuels Push to End Slavery in America”

TIME, June 2011

“Sex Trafficking in America: One Woman’s Effort to Keep Girls Off the Street”

 –, June 2011

“City Explores Social Services for Sexual Exploitation Victims”

 —The Epoch Times, June 2011

“Seattle’s Sex-Trafficking Problem Brought to Light”

 —South Seattle Beacon, May 2011

“Sex Trafficking of Americans: The Girls Next Door”

Vanity Fair, May 2011

“Countrywide Efforts Raise Awareness of Human Trafficking”

 –, May 2011

“Broad Stage to Host Human Rights Watch Benefit”

LA Times, May 2011

“Girls Like Us: The Hidden Stories of Human Sex Trafficking in America”

 –, May 2011

“Activist Rachel Lloyd on ‘Inside City Hall'”

–, April 2011

“Is the Media Reporting on Human Trafficking Accurately?”

 –, April 2011

“Sex Trafficking in the U.S. Called ‘Epidemic”

Washington Times, April 2011

“The Complexities of Sex Trafficking, and Some Simple Solutions”

 –, April 2011

“Escaping the Sex Trafficking Industry”

–, April 2011

“Rachel Lloyd: Girls Like Us | The Diane Rehm Show from WAMU and NPR”

 –, April 2011

Five Books for Mothers, and Others

USA Today, April 2011

What About American Girls Sold on the Streets?

New York Times, April 2011

Long Island Serial Killer’s Body Count Reaches Ten

 –The, April 2011


“Jailing Girls For Men’s Crimes”

Ms. Magazine, July 2010

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“Investigating Nail Salons as Cover for Sex and Labor Trafficking”

–The Take Away, July 2010


“WGBH Investigates: Sexual and Human Trafficking in the Boston Area (Part Three)”

–WGBH/NPR Boston, July 2010

“Youth Survivors Host NY Anti-Trafficking Day”

Ms. Magazine, June 2010

“NYC Event Aims to Shed Light  and Stamp Out Exploitation and Human Trafficking”

–, June 2010

“The Pimps of America’s Underage Sex Trade”

The Daily Beast, June 2010

“Lawrence Taylor Underage Rape Case”

–Hot 97 Street Soldiers, May 2010

“Guiding Young Girls to Better Lives”

–, May 2010

“Demi Moore: Child Sex Trafficking Is a Dirty Secret We Need to Confront”

–, May 2010



–Bronxnet TV, May 2010

“Kids For Sale – Child Prostitution in our Region”

–Richard French Live, May 2010

“Lawrence Taylor, the Media, and Human Trafficking”

Huffington Post, May 2010

“An Open Letter to Jim Buckmaster”

Huffington Post, May 2010

“An Open Invitation to Rachel Lloyd”

Huffington Post, May 2010

“Sex Ads Seen Adding Revenue to Craigslist”

New York Times, April 2010

“Budget Deficit Threatens Teen Sex Worker Safe Harbor”

–, April 2010

“Voice of the People for Jan. 27, 2010 – Letters to the Editor”

New York Daily News, January 2010

“Advocating for Women: Girls Educational & Mentoring Services”

–The American Prospect, March 2010

“Demi Moore Beats Kevin Bacon To Win Pepsi Celebrity Challenge”

Huffington Post, March 2010

“Corporate Sponsor Pimping Plays Role in US Human Trafficking”

The Grio, January 2010

“GEMS Combats Sex Trafficking”

The Daily Tell, January 2010


“From the streets to stardom”

–CNN, December 2009

“Girls not for sale”

–CNN, December 2009


“Beyoncé: The Billboard Q&A”

 –, October 2009

“Interview – Rachel Lloyd, GEMS Founder”

–, October 2009

“A Teenage Girl Trafficked for Sex Tells Her Story”

Essence, October 2009

“Caught Caring: Halle Berry and GEMS”

People Weekly, October 2009

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“‘Very Young Girls’: New York’s Children Left Behind”

New York Sun, July 2009


“Child Sexual Exploitation in the USA: Not Just a Problem for Developing Nations”

–, November 2008

“Helping Girls as Victims, Not Culprits”

New York Times, July 2008


“The 13-Year-Old Prostitute”

New York Magazine, April 2007

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