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Awareness of the commercial sexual exploitation of children has grown in recent years, but only a limited number of specialized programs serve victims in the US, the need far outweighing the resources of victim service providers. Because of a lack of specialized services and shelter, some believe that incarcerating victims is the only way to approach serving them.

GEMS is working to change this.

A survivor-led organization, GEMS is uniquely qualified to provide customized training and technical assistance on the commercial sexual exploitation (CSE) and domestic trafficking of children and youth. Organizations and institutions that want to provide their staff with the knowledge and tools needed to understand these issues learn also how to provide empathetic, consistent support and viable opportunities that victims need for positive change in their lives.

As part of our mission to transform the policies and perceptions that impact sexually exploited youth, GEMS provides training and technical assistance to agencies throughout the US that serve and/or seek to serve victims of CSE and domestic trafficking.

GEMS trainings, technical assistance, workshops, and conference presentations are designed to:

  • Bring a human face to the issue of commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) and domestic trafficking
  • Challenge and address stereotypes of the victims
  • Train youth workers in creating effective, gender-specific programming
  • Assist service providers and professionals who come into contact with at-risk youth in identifying signs of exploitation, and train them to intervene and assist girls and young women in their healing and recovery.

GEMS’ highly rated curricula includes the following topics:

  • An overview of CSEC and domestic sex trafficking
  • Risk factors for sexual exploitation
  • “Choice” in the commercial sex industry
  • Demand in the commercial sex industry
  • Recruitment strategies used by exploiters
  • Psychological and physical impact of trauma and exploitation
  • Pimp-controlled CSEC and trauma bonding
  • The subculture of CSEC
  • How to identify CSE youth
  • Roles and responsibilities of professionals at intervention points
  • Engaging with CSE and domestic sex trafficking victims
  • Barriers to intervention with CSE youth

We also offer content specific to law enforcement personnel and medical and mental health practitioners, including effective strategies for investigating, interviewing, and prosecuting CSEC and domestic trafficking cases.

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