Trainings and Workshops

2018  More Than A Survivor: Emerging Leaders Conference!-Learn More

VSL 2 Day Training
This survivor-informed, survivor-created, and survivor-facilitated training is offered to survivors who are looking to expand on their skills, experiences and seeking to learn about the GEMS model From Victim to Survivor, From Survivor to Leader. The model promotes the idea that girls and young women who have survived the commercial sex industry are capable of moving beyond the survivor phase to become leaders with the potential to change their own lives and impact others.

This survivor-specific training will address questions such as, how to hire survivors and how to create leadership opportunities for survivors as well as give participants the concrete tools to implement survivor leadership into programming.  Participants will learn the foundational principles of the VSL model, as well as the six core values, and how to implement these as a survivor-leader.

CCIP Train the Trainer
This training is specific to survivors and will be geared to train survivors on how to facilitate their own training with the curriculum, as well as direction on how to incorporate best practices into their own work. The training will address the common challenges of disclosure often faced by survivors when facilitating trainings. Trainers will help survivors navigate the pressure of telling their story, and how to find the balance between using their experience to inform the work they do, without drawing upon the intimate details of their experience.

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