Survivor Led Organizations

Breaking Free
[651-645-6557|St. Paul, MN]
Breaking Free’s mission is to educate and provide services to women and girls who have been victims of abuse and commercial sexual exploitation and need assistance escaping the violence in their lives. While Breaking Free’s primary mission is to provide direct services to victims and survivors, they also aim to: ensure that services provided are victim-centered, trauma-informed, and operate within a culturally appropriate, age and gender-specific context; provide transitional and permanent housing assistance; decriminalize victims; educate law enforcement and other community groups; expose sex trafficking as violence against women; and to stop the demand that drives sex trafficking.

Courtney’s House
[202-525-1426| Washington, DC]
Courtney’s House was founded in 2008 by Tina Frundt, a survivor of domestic sex trafficking herself, Tina is relentless in her fight to protect children from sexual exploitation and the devastation that comes from it.

My Life, My Choice (MLMC)
[617-699-4998 | Boston, MA]
MLMC offers a unique continuum of survivor-led services spanning provider training, prevention groups for vulnerable adolescent girls, survivor mentoring to young victims of commercial sexual exploitation, and advocacy and leadership development. MLMC employs survivors as group leaders, trainers, and mentors.  Through victim-centered programs, education and outreach, and advocacy, MLMC is working to change the landscape—empowering adolescent girls to find a positive life path and help end the commercial sexual exploitation of children. 

National Survivor Network
By connecting survivors across the country, the National Survivor Network supports and encourages survivors to realize their own leadership qualities and to value their insight not just as survivors but as experts in the field.  The mission of the NSN is to bring together a community of survivors of human trafficking, by creating a platform for survivor led advocacy, peer to peer mentorship, and empowerment, that embraces all survivors, regardless of gender, age, nationality or type of trafficking experience. Survivors connect through monthly conference calls and other initiatives throughout the year.

Veronica’s Voice
[816-483-7101| Crisis Line: 816-728-0004 | Kansas City, MO]
Veronica’s Voice is here to encourage, educate and empower American victims of commercial sexual exploitation of all ages to make lifestyle changes which lead to the recovery of their minds, bodies and spirits. Veronica’s Voice is Kansas City’s only advocacy and survivor-recovery program dedicated solely to victims of prostitution, commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking. The primary focus of Veronica’s Voice is to offer compassionate and non-judgmental support to victims through survivor-run services. Veronica’s Voice offers exploited individuals a safe place to process their experiences with others who can relate to them, allowing them to take control of their lives.

The Dreamcatcher Foundation
Chicago, IL
The Dreamcatcher Foundation fights to end human trafficking in Chicago. Our not-for-profit organization works to prevent the sexual exploitation of at-risk youth and helps current prostitutes find confidence and stability beyond the limitations of their current lifestyle. The Dreamcatcher Foundation fosters confidence, courage, independence, and inner strength within young people in disadvantaged areas. Our harm reduction approach allows Chicago’s most disenfranchised young women take advantage of all of the mentoring services we offer and improve their lives through education, empowerment, and prevention.

[818-986- LOVE|Los Angeles, CA]
Treasures is a unique, faith-based outreach and support group for women in the sex industry. Our mission is to empower women in the discovery of their value and purpose by providing mentorship, spiritual encouragement and resources in order to equip them to live healthy, flourishing lives. – See more at:

Rahab’s Hideaway
[614-253-8969|Columbus, OH]
Rahab’s Hideaway is a restorative housing program that provides critical solutions and a way out for those who have become victims of human trafficking.  The mission of Rahab’s Hideway is to develop appropriate responses to meet the needs of women and children who have fallen prey to human sex trafficking by offering them assistance, including a fully comprehensive residential treatment program which provides housing, education, health care, mental health services, and support in an effort to enhance their opportunity to grow and develop and become safe and productive members of society.

 Survivors For Solutions 

Encinitas, CA

Survivors for Solutions (S4S) was created to advocate for peer-led services and programs, survivor-informed policies at all levels of government, and provide best practices consultation to governments, non-profits and institutions.

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