Dear Anti-Trafficking Movement

Dear Anti-Trafficking Movement,

Please let’s not (continue to) lose our minds, Nuance is a good thing, critical thinking is a good thing, not coming from a purely emotionally driven place is a good thing, long-term, strategic planning is a good thing. These are not things to be afraid of or shut down. This is a complex issue that requires myriad complex solutions not just a black and white response. Let’s be better than this and smarter than this. We can do it, there are enough of us critically thinking, nuance-having folks out there who work with youth and survivors daily and we know what’s needed. We don’t tend to be the loudest voices, the most funded or the people in power, but we can take power if we move and work collectively and collaboratively.

We’ve come so far in this fight, let’s not set ourselves up for long term failure and for our young people to suffer the consequences of our short-sighted and reactionary thinking and policies.

Let’s work on all the root causes,

Let’s challenge the sensational presentations of the issue,

Let’s speak the truth loudly,

Let’s empower our youth to speak their truths even louder,

Let’s push all the excited, well-intentioned people to use this energy and momentum for real social justice and long term change,

Lets’s bring up racism and classism and gender inequity, and poverty and child sexual abuse and domestic violence, and affordable housing and living wage employment, and all the stuff that we know really makes a difference in our young people’s lives at every opportunity. Let’s push the conversation beyond the sensational and simplistic. There’s enough of us and we’re stronger together.

We owe it to the youth and adults we serve to do better.



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Thursday, March 19th, 2015, 10:26 am
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