The Survivor’s Guide to Leaving

The Survivor’s Guide to Leaving by Sheila White with Rachel Lloyd

The Survivor’s Guide to Leaving is a groundbreaking book designed to support survivors of commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking. The Survivor’s Guide to Leaving shares stories, tips and ideas from survivors to help navigate the challenges during those early months of exiting. Inspired by the questions and concerns of thousands of girls and young women throughout GEMS 17 years of programming, the book was written by survivors to directly address those common questions. Designed as a youth  friendly book with colorful graphics, including illustrations by survivors, The Survivor’s Guide to Leaving is recommended as a vital resource for commercially sexually exploited youth (and adults). This book can be purchased in bulk orders to ensure that all youth in your program have this invaluable book to support them through their individual journeys of leaving and healing. For order quantities over 5 please email for bulk pricing.

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Copyright 2014 by Girls Educational and Mentoring Services GEMS
All rights reserved. ISBN 978-4951-2932-2
Printed in the United States of America
First Edition
Design by Shani Sandy
Illustration by Sheila White and Shomari Sandy

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