Music & Video

Artistic collaborations help GEMS bring a human face to the issue of child sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.  Throughout its history, GEMS has produced the following film, video and music projects:


We Are Millions

In honor of President Obama’s National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, GEMS supporters from across the country contributed photo messages of love and support for girls in recovery. Their message was simple: you may not think anyone cares about you, but we love you. Share the video with 5 friends today.


This Is to Mother You

Featuring iconic music stars Sinead O’Connor and Mary J Blige alongside GEMS member Martha B., This Is to Mother is a stirring rock ballad that inspires people across the country to rise up to protect and love vulnerable children. 

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Very Young Girls

Produced in collaboration with award-winning filmmaker David Schisgall, Very Young Girls documents the challenges faced by girls in New York City struggling to overcome the trauma of child sex trafficking. 

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The Making of a Girl

Produced with filmmaker Jillian Buckley, The Making of a Girl is an intimate journey of a hypothetical preteen girl as she faces a life of sexual exploitation. Rachel Lloyd, founder of Girls Educational and Mentoring Services, takes us through the trauma, pain and trauma of a largely unremarked upon current issue facing American youth- sex trafficking, abuse, and sexual exploitation.  The short film was a finalist in the Current.TV “Seeds of Tolerance” video contest.



This PSA was produced as a part of GEMS ‘Break the Silence” public awareness campaign to raise consciousness in New York on the issue of commercial sexual exploitation. It was made possible with a grant from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.