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Victim Survivor Leader: Program Model of Empowerment

Four Part Webinar Series

For over 17 years, Girls Educational and Mentoring Services (GEMS) has provided comprehensive holistic services to commercially sexually exploited (CSE) and domestically trafficked girls and young women.  As awareness has increased around the issue of CSE, we’ve seen shifts in legislation, advocacy, services, awareness and community involvement.  As the movement changes and grows, our foundational principles and core values remain the same: Survivor Leadership and Transformational Relationships, to provide the framework for effective programming and ongoing engagement. These core values serve as fundamental guidelines for best practices when serving commercially sexually exploited and trafficked youth. 

This webinar series is designed for service providers that already have a working knowledge of the issue. Attend the entire series, or participate in what best serves your needs!


$449 for the entire Webinar Series


$125 per Webinar Part

Webinar Series Overview

Part 1: Foundational Principles, led by GEMS Founder and CEO Rachel Lloyd

Our first webinar we will provide an introduction to our program model, Victim, Survivor, Leader; which includes two foundational principles and six core values.  We will focus on the two foundational principles as detailed below:  

  • Introduction to GEMS’ program model of empowerment
  • Foundational principles
    • Survivor Leadership
    • Transformational Relationships

Part 2: Internal/External Locus of Control &  Empowerment Focused Programming, led by GEMS Founder and CEO Rachel Lloyd

This second webinar will explore our first two values and the critical nature of including this in serving victims of commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking.

  • Core Values Explored
    • Trauma Informed
    • Strength Based

 Part 3: Positive youth development,  led by GEMS Founder and CEO Rachel Lloyd

Our third installment will focus on appropriate adolescent development and tailoring a program to meet your demographic. 

  • Core Values Explored
    • Developmentally Grounded
    • Culturally Competent

Part 4: Address the intersectionality of racism, sexism and classism,  led by GEMS Founder and CEO Rachel Lloyd

This final webinar in our series will detail the last two values and the importance of not only serving victims of CSE and trafficking but addressing the larger systemic issues that impact their lives.

 Core Values Explored

  • Gender Responsive
  • Social Justice Oriented

If you would like to purchase this webinar, please email GEMS Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator, Jasmine Sudarkasa, at for more information.


“How to be a Good Ally” Webinar

As the movement to end commercial sexual exploitation (CSE) and trafficking continues to gain momentum, this webinar addresses the role of allies. Whether you are working in advocacy, directly with victims, or within an organization that employs survivors of CSE and trafficking, we hope you join us for this valuable discussion.

Our facilitators, Rachel Lloyd and Julie Laurence will discuss the following key points:

  • As allies, how can we ensure that we create healthy, nurturing environments that empower survivors?
  • How do we make certain that a survivor is treated as an individual and not a collection of their past experiences?
  • How do we raise awareness without continuing to shame and stigmatize survivors?

If you would like to purchase this webinar, please email Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator, Jasmine Sudarkasa, at for more information.


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