Curriculum: Victim, Survivor, Leader

GEMS’ innovative Victim, Survivor, LeaderTM (VSLTM) curriculum moves organizations past the CCIP “CSEC 101” curriculum and into specialized service provision with a survivor empowerment/leadership focus, which is at the heart of all of GEMS programming. The VSLTM curriculum is based on two foundational principles that shape and guide all of GEMS’ work: survivor leadership and Transformational Relationships, which are vital for effective youth development, particularly victims of CSEC.  In this curriculum we examine:

  • The Six Core Values of GEMS Programming

Gender Responsive

Trauma Informed

Developmentally Grounded

Strengths Based

Social Justice Oriented

Culturally Competent

  • Developing Transformational Relationships
  • Victim, Survivor, Leader Model
  • Intra-agency Response
  • Survivor Leadership and Survivor-Informed Programming

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