Curriculum: CSEC Community Intervention Project (CCIP)Train-the-Trainer

GEMS’ offers two curriculums for training purposes. The first, called the OJJDP CSEC Community Intervention Project (CCIP) Train-the-Trainer curriculum, is “CSEC 101” and sets the groundwork for the agency’s innovative Victim, Survivor, LeaderTM  training and technical assistance, which is a cornerstone of all GEMS programming.  The CCIP Train-the-Trainer curriculum provides a comprehensive overview of CSEC, including the following:

  • Understanding trauma bonds/Stockholm Syndrome
  • Identification of victims
  • Investigating CSEC
  • Best practices in programming and prevention
  • Counseling techniques for commercially sexually exploited (CSE) youth
  • Conducting assessment and intake with CSE victims
  • Criminal behaviors and market forces: supply, demand, motivation
  • Federal and local laws
  • Best practices in investigation and defense
  • Appropriate interviewing for victims and perpetrators
  • Models for court-based interventions

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