Support Our Partner Organizations

Partnering with some of the most inspiring organizations, GEMS is committed to creating a world where girls are not for sale.

The “A World For Girls” Campaign focuses on empowering girls and changing the world that our girls are growing up in. We are dedicated to creating a world in which girls are empowered, respected, and valued.

Whether it is a local group working in small communities or a large international organization, we want to work together. We seek out and work with partners who really get it. Partners who are as passionate as we are about creating a world where girls are safe from violence and are provided with the critical educational and economic opportunities they need in order to thrive.

A World For Girls gives you concrete steps to support women and girls such as investing in young people, promoting educational equity, eliminating poverty, advocating for equal pay, supporting empowerment and ending gender-based violence–all measures that can prevent commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking.

Each of our partners provides valuable expertise of meaningful ways we can all help make a difference. All of them inspire us every day. Will you join us?

Check out our partners to find out way to get involved and help us create A World For Girls!

Click here for A World For Girls toolkit and resources.

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