A World For Girls


Inspired by the GEMS PSA A World For Girls, this campaign is a way to create a future that affirms girls and young women, a world that prevents commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking. The awareness campaign aims to shift the conversation about trafficking and exploitation from one of rescue and prosecution to one that focuses on empowering girls and changing the world that our girls are growing up in. The commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking of girls does not happen in a vacuum, it happens in a world where girls aren’t valued, empowered and provided with the critical educational and economic opportunities they need in order to thrive.

We’re asking you to commit to standing with us as we work to redefine what success in this work looks like. Help us create a world for girls where they’re empowered, valued, respected, safe from violence and not for sale. Imagine a world where no girl being born this year needs to walk through GEMS’ doors– now that would be real success and something to celebrate!


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